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Mask Rule Update - When is it in effect?

At the 2018 Junior and Cadet World Championships in April masks that meet the new FIE requirements will be needed. Leon Paul will have a stand at the event to retrofit the new system to Leon Paul masks. At the World Championships in China masks will be needed that fit the new requirements. From September 2018, for FIE sanctioned competitions, all masks will need to fit the new requirements. For the UK, USA, France and countries that do not follow all FIE regulations, you only need to update if you compete at FIE competitions or are going to the World Championships this season.

Mask Rule Update - What are the changes

For full detail click Here The mask must contain 2 different safety systems at the rear of the mask. These straps must meet the requirements approved by the S.E.M.I. commission.

Mask Rule Update - Tradition Mask update

Mask Rule Update - FIE backstrap fo Contour Fit Masks

Chest Protector Update - Foil Only

For full details click Here Chest protectors for women must have the side facing the opponent covered with a soft material as E.V.A of 4mm thickness and density of 22kg/m3. The material can be attached to the current plastic models or incorporated into the manufacture of new chest protectors. The material must have the SEMI technical mark at the center of the upper edge.

Chest Protector - When is it in effect?

From the 2018 J & C World Championships in April in Verona.

Chest Protector - Can I Purchase on overlay for my QP sports protector?

Overlays will be available through Fencing Equipment Canada. To pre-order please send an email to info@fencingcanada.ca

Mask Rule Update - How can I update my mask to meet the new FIE strap requirement

Fencing Equipment Canada is working with Leon Paul to carry out the modification in Canada so masks will not need to be sent back to England for retrofitting. Once we have the parts in we will update the website and the process for shipping your mask for retrofitting.