The white version of our club mask for those clubs and activity centres that like to look more traditional. Made from FIE quality stainless steel for maximum durability and featuring the contour fit system to fit the largest size range. Colour coded sizing so fencers can find their size quickly and repeatedly to save you time.

Club Non-Electric Mask

  • The club mask has been designed with help from some of the top coaches from England, America and France. Coaches wanted a high quality mask that was incredibly durable, functional and fairly priced. To meet these demands we made the mask with the following features:

    • Non insulated stainless steel mesh shell for maximum durability and safety. 
    • Colour coded sizing on all mask. 
    • Contour Fit system to cover the greatest possible size range safely. 
    • Anti-microbial padding to keep them fresh and water proof internal padding to stop sweat saturating the padding. 
    • Masks are sprayed internally with matt black ink to ensure no internal glare to maximise visibility.

    "It is a false economy to buy budget masks. Cheap mask often only last 1 or 2 seasons whereas I have Leon Paul masks that are 10 years old and still going strong!" 
    Jim Philbin Top UK Sabre coach and world fencing champion.