World's number 1 Women's Fencing Chest Protector

  • Made in New Zealand and trusted around the world
  • Sold by most of the major Fencing brands
  • Lightweight - Flexible - Strong - Certified - for your protection
  • Quality - the best materials, no rough edges or poor molding
  • IMPORTANT - DUE TO SHIPPING COSTS WE ARE ONLY ABLE TO SHIP TO BC & AB - We are looking into other shipping alternatives

EconoGuard -Chest Protector

  • EconoGuard protects your full chest. Breasts, ribs, sternum are all covered with the flexible, yet strong (virtually unbreakable) polyethylene guard. The guard is held firmly in place by high quality adjustable elastic straps and fastened with a standard hook and eye bra fastener, meaning you can wear the EconoGuard under or over your regular bra or sports uniform.  We recommend a light tee-shirt is worn under the EconoGuard - a sports bra is not necessary as the EconoGuard provides full breast support.