This FIE Epee mask is made to be durable yet light and breathable. Most fencers at this level choose to upgrade to the X-Change mask but if you want something traditional and easy to maintain then this would be the mask for you.

FIE Contour Epee Mask

SKU: 280C
  • Designed to comply with the high standards demanded by the FIE Our FIE masks are made from the highest quality Stainless Steel mesh available anywhere in the world. The mask shell is powder coated with a durable layer of ultra-thin anti-bacterial Nylon. The mesh is then sprayed internally with matt black ink to ensure no internal glare. They are resistant to more than 1600 Newtons making them the ultimate in terms of safety and durability. The shape of the shell conforms to FIE regulations with the front angle less than 130 degrees and the maximum possible depth of shell for added protection.

    Featuring wipe clean anti-microbial water proof bib lining which help keep them clean and fresh. The Leon Paul patented Contour-Fit® system replaces the normal metal tongue at the back of the mask and makes it significantly lighter and more comfortable. This new design in mask fitting uses a 3 point adjustment system so that the fit can be altered to fit all shapes of head.

    The mask has a solid rubber band that runs around the circumference of the mask and a plastic cover running around the edge of the mesh at the back of the mask. These combine to dampen the force of any hits made to the top of the mask. Stainless steel for Long life Ultra-thin mesh coating for improved visibility Contour-Fit for the ultimate in comfort.

    World Combat Champion Richard Kruse " The Contour-Fit back is the ultimate in mask comfort. Once you have tried it you will never go back."