A British manufactured foil point. Highly polished internal surface contributes to an ultra-smooth mechanical action so that your hits will land constantly and accurately. This is the ultimate in traditional point design

GT2 FIE Foil Barrel

  • INCREACED RESISTANCE TO DEFORMATION - When an opponent's blade or guard hits the base of your point it can become deformed which causes the point to stick or fail to register flick hits. 

    RATIO OF BEARING LENGTH TO BEARING DIAMETER - Although the wall thickness of the new point is 1.1 mm, the bearing length to diameter ratio has been increased by 20% making it greater than any other point on the market. This long stainless steel surface ensures a smooth action. Unfortunately this new design means that although the springs and grub screws are compatible with all other LP foil points the barrels and bases are not. The F25 foil wire will be used in both standard and new points in order to maintain this compatibility.

    COUNTERSUNK POINT SCREWS - The point screws are countersunk, which prevents the tops of the screws from being damaged. The point still retains the original Leon Paul point design concept, which means the point can rotate freely within the barrel which creates a constant cleaning action preventing intermittent white lights caused by build-up of dirt.