One of the first items a fencer needs is their own mask. If you are new to fencing or you aren't quite ready to invest in an X-Change bib FIE mask then this is the Foil mask for you. The Horizon Foil mask is durable, comfortable and easy to maintain. This mask is fitted with the Leon Paul Contour-Fit mask fitting system in the back, for superior comfort.

Horizon Foil Mask

  • The Horizon foil mask has a layer of our electrically conductive lightweight silver lame to create the valid target area on the bib of the mask. We use 4 layers of the lame for the tab used to attach the electric mask wire, this is for the best connection and the highest durability. The lame is washable and due to the high concentration of silver is anti-microbial keeping it fresh.

    The mask uses a stainless steel shell coated with a durable layer of ultra-thin Nylon. The mesh is then sprayed internally with matt black ink to ensure no internal glare. It has a 350 Newton bib for protection and is padded for comfort. The lining is durable and water resistant to keep the bib fresh. The mask uses our patented and exclusive Contour-Fit® System. This design in mask fitting uses a 3 point adjustment system so that the fit can be altered to fit all shapes of head.

    "The Contour-Fit back is the ultimate in mask comfort. Once you have tried it you will never go back." World Combat Champion Richard Kruse