A Lightweight version of the fully insulated S99 guard. Leon Paul was the first company to use Duralumin alloy to produce lightweight guards. 37% lighter than our standard guards. Reinforced with a layer of steel and black nylon coated inside.

Lightweight Electric Sabre Guard

  • Unlike other lightweight guards ours are heat tempered after forming to give them a hard yet springy quality that gives them their increased durability. Our lightweight Sabre guards are 37% lighter than our standard guards. After testing guard designs made from a single piece of material we have found that after heavy use the guard starts to wear away where it is in contact with the tang of the blade.

    All our guards are reinforced at the tang with a second layer of steel and our lightweight guards have copper rivets to distinguish them from our normal range. The inside of the guard is now coated with Nylon to insulate it and the curved part of the guard is covered with a removable moulded rubber cover.

    Weight: 97g 3 7/16oz