The ultimate performance Sabre Lame. Made from a super fine weave impregnated with conductive silver makes this not only the lightest lame in the world but also the most flexible to allow you to move freely. Created for fencers who want the best.

Lightweight Sabre Womens Lame

  • *Please note that Leon Paul lame jackets are cut to fit over the same size of jacket. Actual measurements are cut slightly bigger than the actual stated size, this is to allow for chest protectors and plastrons to fit underneath the jacket. We would recommend in foil if you want a tighter fitting lame jacket and therefore a reduced target area for selecting 1 size lower than your Leon Paul jacket, unless you have selected a long range jacket as the extra length on the jacket will make the lame look very short on the body.

  • Although this item is machine washable it is vital that you do not use ANY bleach as this will oxidise the silver in the lame and stop it from working. Most modern washing powders contain bleach to help keep clothes more white; we therefore recommend that you only wash the lame with no soap powder on a cold wash unless you are able to buy natural soap powder.  If you are not 100% certain that your washing powder contains no bleach then only wash the item with no soap powder.