For foil clubs that don?t want to use a mask to jacket cable and therefore saving on money, time and lost wires! This Leon Paul mask retro fit bib features lame on the inside of the bib and that connects with the lame jacket when in use.

"Wire-Free" Retro Fit Lame Pouch for Foil

  • Retrofit lame pouch for Leon Paul masks suitable for all domestic level competition. No need for a mask to jacket cable for club use! This retro fit features lame on the inside of the bib and in testing with the British National team they found it impossible to make a hit to the bib that did not register. Uses fabric glue rather than double sided tape for a longer lasting bond. In testing we found even the best double sided tape fails within a few months leaving a sticky residue that is hard to remove or re stick to. Due to the lame inside the bib this is not suitable for FIE level use however; if you are not an FIE level fencer than the fact that you don®t have to use a mask to lame cable when training is a massive bonus! If you are competing nationally then this bib used in conjunction with a mask to lame cable will be accepted. Please note that the fabric glue is necessary and is selected by default below however; the tub contains enough glue to stick down 5 or 6 bibs.