The lightest sabre blade we make. They are extremely agile however; the trade-off is a slightly reduced life span. Its Y cross section makes it very strong at the guard of the blade. A great performance blade made for those aspiring club fencers.

Z-Pro Sabre Blade

  • We started by modifying our existing chameleon blade. By removing material from parts of the blade and redistributing it towards the forte we have created a fantastic performance blade. We shot blast the blades by hand which removes surface defects and delays the onset of crack development in the blade. They are then heat treated at 225 degrees for 55 minutes which releases stress in the steel. The blade is then finished is a flat matt bronze colour. 

    Light weight Shot blasted for a longer life Y shaped cross section The Z-Pro sabre blade is designed at an ultra-high performance blade. To give you the ultimate in speed and precision the weight has been pared back at the tip this means that the blade is not as durable as a heavier blade. We have used a unique surface treatment to maximise the lifespan of the blade which gives the blade its distinctive matt colour however; this is a performance product and will not last as long as a heavier blade.

    If you are looking for a durable blade then you will need to look at either the chameleon, blue or for the most durable non FIE blade in the world the etoile. Alternatively the uncompromising athlete who demands the ultimate should go for the Z-Pro FIE sabre blade which combines the speed and precision of the standard Z-Pro with the durability and the resistance to curves of super high quality Maraging steel.

    Weight size 5: 150g 
    Weight size 5: 5 5/16oz 

    Length Length size 5: 87.5cm 
    Length size 5: 34" 2/16 

    Balance point: The balance point is measured from the forte of the blade Balance 
    Point: 22cm Balance Point: 8 1/2 "